Why is Personal Protective Equipment Important?

Personal protective equipment in (PPE) a healthcare setting is vital to creating a barrier from a healthcare professional and the germs that are in their work environment. Especially with the recent pandemic, PPE is essential for protecting our frontline heroes. 

Types of PPE

There are multiple different types of PPE for our healthcare professionals to use to protect themselves and the spread of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. These types of PPE include: 


Gloves reduce the number of germs that can spread and protect the hands. Latex-free gloves are the first option, especially with the rise of latex allergies. 


Masks protect the mouth and nose area. Multiple different kinds of masks provide varying amounts of protection. A surgical mask is effective when protecting against some form of germs; meanwhile, a special respiratory mask (N95 mask) can prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses. Both are critically important in a healthcare setting since they both provide protection from the spread of germs. 


Gowns protect by covering the clothing of the person that is wearing them. Especially with a contagious disease, a healthcare professional needs to be completely covered with a gown to protect themselves from catching the disease. 


Goggles are useful for protecting against germs since eyes is a sensitive place and easy place for bacteria to enter. 

Face Sheilds 

Face masks protect the entire face area from being touched and from germs entering through places such as eyes, mouth, or nose. 

Shortage of PPE – How We are Helping

We are helping with the shortage of PPE by providing resources for medical professionals to be able to order PPE for their team members. There is a consistent shortage of PPE, and we are here to try providing for our medical professionals not only in North Carolina but across the country. There are multiple different resources when it comes to PPE, such as Personal Protective Burn Rate Calculator, to measure how to plan and optimize the use of PPE when it comes to the coronavirus. 


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